Apprendre les echecs 24h

Apprendre les echecs 24h

Nous vous conseillons le site "Apprendre les echecs 24h" pour apprendre à jouer ou bien progresser aux échecs.

Ces professeurs vous proposent un entrainement et de petits exercices en fonction de votre niveau. Vous pouvez choisir une initiation ou un entrainement avec des vidéos, des exercices et leur solution. Différents thèmes sont abordés: les ouvertures, "échec et mat"...

C'est une idée géniale pour accompagner votre jeu d'échecs.

Vous pouvez découvrir le site en cliquant ICI: accès à une formation gratuite, et 2 formations payantes très complètes.


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      août 7, 2019

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      août 16, 2019

      Chess is positively one among the oldest and most compete games within the world. Chess breaks all intellectual, age and languages barriers and might so be enjoyed by folks from all corners of the world. In Associate in Nursing age wherever previous traditions ar quickly being replaced with new and journey packed activities, it's shocking that tens of thousands of individuals learn chess every and each year.For many, chess is a few boring previous game that's compete by folks with large IQs. this can be aloof from the reality. Chess is extremely simple to find out, and therefore the better part is that it may be compete on totally different levels. Beginner players for instance will play with different beginner players and obtain identical quantity of pleasure and delight from the sport as 2 grand masters would if they were bolted in battle.

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      août 16, 2019

      Chess is exciting. it's staggeringly exciting to set up a lure and wait with bated breath as your opponent inadvertently plays into your hands.Chess teaches patience. ways and techniques take time to execute. Not all ways can pan out, and as a result all of your labor can have to be compelled to begin once more.Chess is learned. in contrast to several social sports, you are doing not need to be a "natural" to play chess well. if you want good essay service visit Cheap Essay Writing Service A player becomes higher as they learn new techniques and methods.Chess is absolutely low cost. Most chess software package is free. Chess boards are low cost. There are not any in progress running prices.Chess improves your life skills. it's not onerous to draw parallels between chess and each day life. Chess needs a player to deem every move before it's created. thus will life. Chess has setbacks. thus will life. Chess needs you to set up for the future. thus will life.Chess teaches independence. Players should suppose on their own. they need to create their own selections. Chess breaks age barriers. Chess is contend equally still between adult and kid.

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